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EIKEN members cover the entire digital contents sector’s value chain, from creation to distribution to broadcast.

The Creative Industries are radically changing. The increasing new technology´s digitalization, the productive and distribution process changes, the new consumption habits, etc., are having significant impact in the industry, redefining the areas where the different sectors configure themselves.

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This is a global phenomenon since in general people have changed their way of interacting with their environment.

The digital revolution has changed the way we consume the entertainment and leisure activities and even the way we buy, sell or communicate and connect with other people.

The increasing penetration of internet has produced, in this case, a democratizing process of the access and consumption of contents and digital experiences.

Besides, this transformation process has generated a growing mixture of the sectors and professional profiles. As a result, synergies and collaboration opportunities are created between traditionally far sectors, which today count on an important common nexus.